Back in March my little JoeJoe turned three years old. You always hear about the terrible twos and some people even say that age three is worse. Age three has brought me a boy that is full of love, personality and even a little attitude. Joe goes to preschool now where in less than a year he has already learned how to count way beyond 20 and the entire alphabet. He says the days of the week and the months of the year, he does all of these things in English and Spanish as well. He loves to do his homework and makes sure to clean his room before bed. He definitely has a temper still but we are learning to listen to each other so there are less tears all around.

We moved into a new apartment about a month ago and he loves having his own room finally. He makes a huge mess but always makes sure to clean it all up afterward. he really takes pride in taking care of his things.  This little boy continues to amaze me every single day.


We’re Back!

We’re Back!

Wini and I have unfortunately had to put our blog on the back burner the past few months. However, starting today I have decided to jump back in. I’m going to dedicate one day a week to writing something new and getting back into the blog world.

We hope you like whats coming!

Hello, 2016!

Hello, 2016!

We’ve fallen a little bit off the wagon with updates. I am surprised at how hard it is to consistently post on here. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, it’s hard to get a lot of things done when you have kids. Normal activities that took no effort before (like going to the store) become a circus like act of wrangling children, putting on jackets, socks, and shoes, grabbing water cups, making sure the water cups are filled, and making sure to grab the ever so important diaper bag only to realize it only has 1 diaper in it and someone just pooped. But that’s still no excuse. For 2016 I’ve made a few resolutions and one of them is to post on here more often! I do so much fun stuff with my family, I can manage to take 30 minutes to an hour to write about what I did.

Other resolutions include:

  • Spending more time one on one with my fiance. I feel as though we are putting our relationship on the back-burner and not focusing enough on each other. We go on plenty of family outing with the kids but I want us to focus more on getting out without the kids, too.
  • Taking more pictures on my camera. Let’s face it, we mostly use our phones these days to take pictures. And it works. But I have a DSLR that I barely know how to use and when I do pull it out, I take beautiful shots of my baby girl. So this year, I want to pull it out more often and take some classic, long lasting shots. The kind of pictures that need to get blown up for an 8 x 11 canvas or something!
  • Get out of the house more. It’s so easy to just eat breakfast, relax in comfy clothes, and watch TV all day. Of course, I try to include enriching activities like coloring, playing with play-doh, or going on the swings that are right outside our door but I want to do more this year. Go the beach more often (I’m a huge beach bum and live within 5 minutes of a beach but all the work involved in going to the beach with kids has made me avoid it more last year and I plan on changing that!). I want to use our zoo membership and go there more often. I want to take Delilah to playgrounds that are on the other side of town, I know we go to Bay n Bee a lot and it’s a wonderful indoor playground but I want to explore more places. Delilah loves being outside, especially on her new bike she got for Christmas and I feel like I’m doing her a disservice by not taking her outside more often. Of course lazy days are good for the soul but we were starting to have more lazy days than productive days and I want to change that up this year!
  • Post more on here and on instagram! I love writing, I love taking pictures, and I love sharing my great experiences. So there’s really no reason why we can’t have a few new posts every month on here.
  • Focus on myself! I’m dying my hair next weekend and I also plan on joining a gym. I know it’s a bit cliche but I want to be my own person, not just Delilah’s mom. I want to feel good when I go out, take pride in how I dress, spend time putting effort into being me.
  • Eat a great variety of foods, especially veggies. I feel as though I always eat the same things and I want to change that up. I want to explore with different cooking styles, recipes, and ingredients this year. When I go grocery shopping I want to grab a vegetable I don’t normally eat and cook it in a fun, new recipe. I want to explore and branch out. I want to try to eat a vegetarian meal once in a while. I want to make more fruit smoothies filled with fresh, natural ingredients.

Those are just a few of my goals for this year. I hope that this year I take more charge of my life and what happens to me. So Happy New Year everyone! May it be a great year for everyone.

Today we had a winter beach day on this cold 50 degree day. I brought along my DSLR and snapped some pictures. Fulfilling two resolutions in one outing!