About Wini

Hi there, I’m Wini. Cofounder of Florida Moms Blog. I am located in the Jacksonville Beach area. I am engaged to my best friend and together we have Delilah, she just turned 1 at the end of June. I also have a 6 year old step-son, Liam. We have joint split custody of Liam with a week on/week off schedule.

My stepson is the strongest little boy I know. He has a rare, incurable genetic blood disorder known as Diamond Blackfan Anemia. It is a rare condition that leaves him blood transfusion dependent every 3-5 weeks. There is currently no cure for his conditions and awareness for his disease is a critical first step. You can learn more about Diamond Blackfan Anemia here:  DBAfoundation.org .

Currently I coordinate opposite shifts with my fiancé so my daughter doesn’t need to be in daycare for now. I am a server and bartender at a local chain restaurant but I just graduated from the University of North Florida this past spring. I hope to use my degree to become a teacher and eventually I plan on going back for my masters degree so I can become a school psychologist. 

I have an etsy shop called Wini’s Mini’s. Currently I just make hair bows but I was recently given a sewing machine and I plan on learning how to sew so I can make more crafts. My sewing journey will be entirely self taught.

Once football season starts it will be clear that I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan. We are a sports family in every way, shape, and form. Football and soccer are our two favorites. Liam plays soccer and Delilah will most likely follow in her big brother’s foot steps but I don’t plan on forcing it on her. 

A little bit about my parenting philosophy: I tend to lean towards attachment parenting but I don’t really follow any one view. I like to pick and choose based on what works with me and my baby. We are currently into extended breastfeeding with no signs of stopping. We co-sleep and still aren’t sleeping through the night. We focus on redirection and positive reinforcement and once she is old enough we will use timeouts as our main source of discipline. We have a Montessori theme going on in Delilah’s bedroom with educational wooden toys and puzzles but we also have plastic toys and interactive electronic toys. We don’t practice any limits on screen time. We baby wear (love our Tula) but also use a stroller. I believe in being open minded about parents who do things differently and try my not to judge other parents based on their choices. 

This is all about works for me, my daughter, my stepson and my family. We love to have fun, try new things, and explore our city. 

My Family

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