About Amber

Hey everyone! I’m Amber, cofounder of Florida Moms Blog. I was born and raised in South Florida and currently reside in Sunrise with my fiancé and son who is a year and a half old. I currently work for a small restaurant as a server. In my free time I love to try new and healthy recipes for my son Joseph. He loves all kinds of food and makes it easy to test out new things. I also love to bake, especially for holidays, the prettier the better! Joseph and I try and go on playdates with our local mommy group, it’s a good way for us to find new places to go. I’m also a big fan of babywearing, I love my Moby wrap and Infantino Mei Tai. I’m a huge Disney fan and we are currently Annual Passholders. My view on parenting doesn’t lean one way or another. While pregnant, I was put on bed rest at 26 weeks and it lasted the remainder of my pregnancy. During that time at home I had the opportunity to research different parenting techniques and I literally read everything and every view. We pretty much go with the flow, I try and keep things such as sunscreen and diaper rash creams on the organic side but we aren’t 100% dedicated to being all organic. We try and keep everything more on the learning side when it comes to TV and toys. 

This blog was created to share our story and what works for us, I love suggestions and am open to others opinions on topics as well. I feel as parents we need to stick together not tear each other down.
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