Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival 

Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival 

Joseph and I recently spent an entire week in Orlando with my family. Since we are Annual Paasholders at Walt Disney World we like to go often. On this particular trip we got to enjoy the Food and Wine festival at EPCOT.

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival happens annually usually between September and November. You can read more about it here. There are different booths added between the regular countries with food and drinks from all over the globe. 

Our trip around the world started with Hawaii where we tried the Pork Sliders with pineapple chutney and spicy mayo. The pork was moist, while the spicy mayo and pineapple chutney worked well together. The Maui Splash sweet Pineapple Wine was sweet and refreshing.

Each booth had small bites and drinks making it easy to try a little bit of everything and not get too full too fast. Our next booth was the Farm Fresh booth, this one had drinks from local Florida breweries. We had the Ace Pumpkin Cider and the bacon Mac & Cheese.

The Mac and Cheese was delicious! It was a little sweet, salty & spicy from that amazing peppered bacon, and the onions added a nice freshness to the whole thing. The ACE Pumpkin Cider was by far my favorite drink of the day! It’s super refreshing and light, perfect for a Florida day.

I also got to try the Elderberry Cider at the farm fresh booth, it was also delicious. It was a gorgeous deep pink color and refreshing as well.

We wandered on around the world and landed in Germany next. Karamell Kuche has all of the best treats made with Werthers Caramel. They make the treats right there on premises and sometimes you can even watch them dip or drizzle things in caramel. When we were there we saw them making caramel apples.

We got caramel popcorn, a pumpkin spice caramel, and a caramel apple cookie.

Everything was so good, I wish there was a more prominent apple flavor in the cookie or maybe some spices but the chunks of Apple were a good size and I still loved every bite.

In the American booth we had a traditional lobster roll that was really good. I personally had never had one before but I’d definitely eat it again!

In Italy we had a Limoncello Margarita. It was a hot day when we went and this drink was a perfect mix of sweet and tangy while also slightly frozen and refreshing. That seems to have been a theme for us, each of our drinks were light and fresh.

Our last stop was in France where we had Creme Brûlée and a Sparkling Pomegranate Kir. The Creme brûlée was chocolate and vanilla custard swirled together and topped with a beautiful burnt sugar.

The Pomegranate Kir was a beautiful deep pink color, it was bubbly and was a little tart from the pomegranate liquor.

My mom had the Escargot and loved it as well, it was wrapped inside a crescent roll type dough.

Overall we had an amazing time at the Food and Wine festival. The food was all so good and the drinks we had were light and refreshing. While there was so much we didn’t get to try, we really enjoyed all that we did eat. To see everything would take multiple trips but we will definitely be back next year! Have you been to EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival? What were your favorite things? Let us know in the comments!


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