Welcome, Fall!

Welcome, Fall!

Our favorite time of year has arrived. We just love fall, Halloween, the subtle change from 85 degree weather to 75 degree weather with occasional days of 65 degrees. We love pumpkins and candy and zombies.

This Bay n Bee says it all

We went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday at a local church that is a yearly spot for us. It was a bit too early to actual get pumpkins so instead we just went to walk around, enjoy the atmosphere, and they also had free pony rides. We love this pumpkin patch because the only thing they charge for it the pumpkins.

Delilah was the youngest one to do it at 15 months and of course we were by her side the whole time. She did it for a few minutes but jumped ship into my arms before the horses stopped. Luckily they were going .5 miles per hour and she was on a tiny horse so it wasn’t a big deal that she did. It was still very fun and she was a good sport about it.

Focused on holding on
Daddy by her side
Around the time she jumped ship

Later on this month we’ll be going back when we have Liam with us and picking out pumpkins to carve. How fun!


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