Homemade Flour Play Dough

Homemade Flour Play Dough

Shout out to finding this play dough recipe from Gingersnapcrafts.com on Pinterest.

This simple homemade play dough recipe takes less than 10 minutes and provides lots of fun dough to play with.

First mix together:

  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 4 tbsp oil
  • Few drops of food coloring

And then add in:

  • 1 cup of salt
  • 4 cups of flour

Knead the dough together and there you have it! 

Almost done!

 I didn’t realize how much play dough this recipe would make so after I had a huge pile aqua dough, I cut it in half and then added a few drops of purple food coloring to it. The color didn’t blend as beautifully since it was already kneaded but I wasn’t really to bothered by a few imperfections.

Delilah loved playing with the dough. It did not bleed at all either which was a concern of mine when working with food coloring. But she was wearing a white shirt and played with the dough minutes after it was made and we had no problems at all. This was a great and fun recipe with minimal work and the ingredients are all easy to come by. We plan on making another batch with two more colors later on this week!


Loving it
Storage was equally as easy, just put it away in a gallon zip lock bag. Make sure to take out as much air as possible. 



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