First in Flight

First in Flight

This past weekend we went on a trip from Jacksonville to Houston, TX to visit my brother for his 26th birthday. We flew there which means Delilah went on her first plane ride! Our flight there left at 6:20 am (meaning we had to be at the airport by 5 am) and went to Atlanta then to Houston. Our flight back was a direct flight that left at 8 pm.

That’s her 6 am face

Surprisingly, it was a really fun and easy experience. I went into this expecting to me “those people with a crying baby” but Delilah hardly even fussed. After the first flight landed she cried for half a minute because we wouldn’t let her run around and then for the second flight she fell asleep during takeoff on my boob. Thank goodness for breastfeeding! Shoutout to Southwest Airlines for being supportive of breastfeeding moms! On the flight back she was a lot crankier because she was fighting sleep but she just needed more distractions.

iPhone distractions and airplane kisses

I think I could have predicted Delilah was going to be pretty chill based on her temperament but I went in to it expecting the worst. She hates car rides because she hates riding in a car seat but on the plane she was in either my lap or her dads lap so it was a way better atmosphere for her. She also loved looking out the window and was amazed by the sky.

Looking out the window with Daddy

Another perk was the flights weren’t completely booked so we always got a row of 3 seats which gave Delilah more room to spread out. I can’t imagine how annoying it would have been if we had a stranger in our row. All in all, we loved flying with Delilah and now that we’ve done it once we definitely feel confident in our ability to do it again!


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