Bow holder DIY

Bow holder DIY

I may be a mom but I still love bows! They aren’t just for the kids. I have quite a few bows and was having a hard time keeping them together or out of Joseph’s hands. So I got on Pinterest to gather ideas and found a few DIY projects that were pretty easy.

I started off with an old picture frame and painted it black. You don’t need to keep the glass and backing of the frame for this project.

Next, I measured out ribbon the same length as the frame, I chose to do mine horizontal but you could easily do it vertically as well.

I measured two sizes of ribbon for mine so I could also for smaller bows as well.

I glued only the tops and bottoms of the ribbons together.

Gluing only the tops and bottoms together made it so that I could choose which ribbon I wanted to clip my bows onto.  I glued the ribbons to the back edges of the frame next.

The finished product turned out great! This project was easy and you can customize it to any colors you like.


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