Back To School 

Back To School 

When did back to school get so complicated? It seems like every year the school supply lists get longer and less about actual school supplies and more about the extra classroom supplies that the schools should supply. Unfortunately, that is not the case these days and teachers are already underpaid as it is so I understand the need to help them out. That being said, this is what our school supply list for Kindergarten looked like:

It took us four stores and $60 but we did it! The only thing we did not buy was scissors because Liam has no thumbs and so he does not use scissors. I’m pretty proud of only spending $60, I looked for everything on sale. The only two things on the list that gave me trouble were the “primary fat pencils” so I just bought regular pencils and the “primary composition books” so I just bought wide ruled books. The stores we went to were Target, Winn Dixie, Office Max, and Dollar Tree.

School Supplies


My favorite purchase at target was Liam’s book bag. I didn’t want to get anything super expensive but actually found this book bag which he calls his Minecraft book bag on sale from $29.99 to $20 and it included headphones! Talk about 2 bird, 1 stone. It’s actually a very nice book bag with a lot of space.

We also bought the elmers glue, 12 pack of glue sticks, markers, and crayon at Target. Caryola Crayons were on sale for $.50 which was a great deal. The glue was $1.49 and we did find Elmers Glue at the Dollar Tree too but it was a smaller bottle.

Minecraft Book Bag

Target total: $27.88

Winn Dixie:

We just bought the store brand ziplock bags while we were doing some grocery shopping. We looked for tissues, Lysol wipes, or soap on sale but didn’t find any deals.

Winn Dixie total: $3.19

Office Max:

Here we got deals on everything! The printer paper was only $6 a pack so we saved almost $3 on 2 packages. The composition notebooks, they didn’t have primary so we bought wide ruled, were all $1 so we saved $4 on 4. The pencils and hand sanitizer were also on sale so we saved $1 on each of those items. Office Max had great sales so I was happy we went there.

Office Max total: $21.00

Dollar Tree:

Our last stop was the dollar store but next year I think we’ll start here and then go to other stores. They have so much stuff here and quite a bit of brand name items. Here we bought puffs tissues for $1, disinfecting wipes (although it wasn’t name brand and only came with 24, I didn’t want to spend almost $10 for the name brand stuff), hand soap dispenser and refill, and 3 little toys for the treasure box.

Dollar Tree total: $8.42

We had orientation on Friday and the teacher gave us a different list! Most of the supplies were the same but it was slightly different. Next year I believe we will wait for the teacher’s personal list to buy supplies. And here’s Liam ready for his first day this morning!

Let me see your happy face


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