Pizza Planet Review

Pizza Planet Review

A friend who works for Disney Cruise Lines invited me and my family to join her at Disney for the day for free. A quick 2.5 hour drive for a free afternoon at Disney? We’d be crazy to say no!

Since we just recently went to all 4 parks in July we let her choose the park and she wanted to visit Hollywood Studios. I didn’t really enjoy any of the dining options last time we went so I researched where to go to eat and decided to check out Pizza Planet because I love Toy Story and it looked like fun. Next time I want to try the ABC Commissary because it seems to offer food that isn’t your “typical theme park” food. Unfortunately, there really isn’t too much to eat at Hollywood Studios.

Pizza Planet is tucked away in the back of Hollywood Studios. It’s not very close to the Toy Story Mania ride which is kinda weird, I assumed they’d be near each other. 

The selection of food was as expected. All the adult meals are served with a small Caesar salad which was pretty cool. The kids meals came with a drink, apple sauce, and a cookie which was nice because the portion of pizza they get was tiny! All the portions were smaller than I expected. For a $10 personal pizza you’d expect something bigger than 5-6 inches although that did include the small salad too. And when I say small salad, I mean small.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I also had to try The Claw! It was an alcohol drink and it glows. I prefer my alcoholic drinks more fruity and it was a little bit more sour so I didn’t really like it that much. But it was a strong drink and it was cool. It was a little expensive at $11 but it came with the glowing ice cube which entertained Delilah for a little while.

The Claw

True to the Toy Story movies, Pizza Planet is also an arcade. It was a little frustrating to try to keep the attention of a 13 month old because she just wanted to explore the entire restaurant. She kept pointing up at everything, she was mesmerized by all the details. Once we were done eating it was fun to let her and Liam play and explore. It was raining when we were about to leave so it was a nice spot to hide from the rain, we just played a few more games.

Arcade Fun

All in all, Pizza Planet was a cool spot to eat. It would be better for older kids like Liam who was actually able to play on the arcade. Hollywood Studios is a pretty small, forgotten about park at Disney World but with all the new D23 Announcements, which includes the addition of a Star Wars Land and a Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios, I think this park may see a boom in popularity.


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