Happy 1 Month-aversary to Florida Moms Blog!

Happy 1 Month-aversary to Florida Moms Blog!

Welcome to our blog and thank you for checking us out. Whether you are a newcomer or have followed our posts for the last month, hello. This has been a fun learning experience for the two of us as we find our mom blog groove. We have fine tuned our goals for this blog as we have learned more over the past month. Our original goal of posting once a week was not enough for us and we are now looking to post at least 3 times a week though we will always strive for more. We will be posting a foodie post once a week on either Wednesday or Saturday. The first day of every month we will dedicate a post to any National Days we celebrated the previous month, for example: our July National Days post. Once a month we will be reviewing either an Etsy shop or a location or a product, here is our first review of Up Your Anchor. As time goes on I’m sure we will continue to improve and grow and we hope to reach out to fellow moms and dads throughout this process! We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts and can’t wait to improve as each month passes!

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