5 Reasons Why Expedition Everest Rocks

5 Reasons Why Expedition Everest Rocks

I’ve ridden quite a few roller coasters in my day. I’ve been a thrill seeker since I was a little girl. I was too short to ride a roller coaster when I was 5 (the roller coaster was Montu at Busch Gardens) and I still think of that as one of the worst days of my entire life.
A few of my favorites are:

  • The Hulk and Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons) at Islands of Adventures
  • The Mummy and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios
  • SheiKra, Kumba, and Montu at Busch Gardens
  • Manta and Kraken at Sea World
  • Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom
  • Rock’n’Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios

But Expedition Everest has to be my favorite after riding it 3 times on my recent trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom (2 of those times were in the front row). Why is it so amazing? Here’s a list to explain why! Because who doesn’t love a list?!

1. It’s completely underrated

35 minutes? You’re practically walking onto the ride!
Animal Kingdom is not as busy as Magic Kingdom so the waits tend to be shorter. When we went during peak season it was a 35 minute wait but there’s not much to do at Animal Kingdom so getting a fast pass isn’t too hard. I don’t mean that in a bad way but when you only have 3 free fast pass options per day, it’s easier to pick which 3 when there’s only like 6 attractions and they don’t have too long of a wait. Whereas at Magic Kingdom those 3 fast passes are like gold.
2. It is a fun blend of light and dark

I see the light!

The indoor portions of Everest are nearly pitch black but before your eyes even have time to adjust to the darkness you’re thrust back into the light. My favorite parts of the roller coaster utilized the combination of indoor and outdoor/light and dark.

3. The little details

Doesnt’t even feel like Florida anymore

The lush landscape, the mountains, the broken track. Everything about the roller coaster is so well made and every little detail is given the attention it deserves. I loved the beginning of the ride when you see the mountains and the other cart going down. They used the snowy mountain tops really well to convey when you were at the top of Everest.

4. Going backwards

Where are you supposed to go?!

Seriously, the part where you go backwards was the bees knees. I had heard you go backwards on Expedition Everest but had completely forgotten. I remembered when we go to the top of an incline and there was a broken track in front of us. Boy, that was fun! And of course going backwards from the open outdoors into the darkness of Everest really pulled the whole thing together very well

5. The Yeti!

He’s just misunderstood

Who doesn’t love a mythological snow creature? Especially for those of us who live somewhere where it never snows. All the scenes with the yeti were very enjoyable. I really felt like we bonded after my third trip down Everest.
What do you think? Is Everest one of your favorites too?


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