Give Kids the World Part 2

Give Kids the World Part 2

Welcome back! Last time I posted about Give Kids The World I was able to talk about the food options, train rides around the village, Amberville, and the Castle of Miracles before my post got too long. GKTW has so much to offer and I didn’t feel that it was appropriate to cut parts of the village out just so I could fit it all in one post. There is so much thought and consideration put into everything at GKTW and I feel like everyone should know about this amazing place. An example of the thought and consideration put into the village: each area is named after a different child for a different reason. I hope to inspire with my posts about the village or maybe my posts will help a family going to stay at GKTW feel more prepared before their trip. Maybe my posts will encourage someone to donate to GKTW. Either way, I just want to share the joy that this place gave me.

This installment we’ll start with the Jungle Safari Theater. Select nights they have events at the theater such as movie nights. During the day they have character visits. Liam met Mickey here one morning and Princess Belle was right outside. The village alternates between Disney characters and Universal characters. The big stage at the theater is great for taking pictures with the characters. And of course all the pictures they take during your stay are given to you on a CD at the end of your trip!

Jungle Safari Theater
Jungle Safari Theater
Meeting Mickey inside the theater
Meeting Mickey inside the theater
Meeting Belle outside the Jungle Safari Theater
Meeting Belle outside the Jungle Safari Theater

Horseback riding is offered twice a week at GKTW (when we went it was Tuesday’s and Saturdays) to children 3 and up. Liam loved it! These were full sized horses too, I was expecting a pony. We went right at 8:30 am when it opened so there wasn’t anyone there yet and he got to do it twice. At the end he got a pretty cool cowboy hat and they took a family photo.


Horseback riding
Back behind the horseback riding area is the playground. We actually did not ever make it out to the playground because the day we had planned to go it rained though I do have a picture of it courtesy of GKTW.

Matthew's Boundless Playground (photo cred: GKTW)
Matthew’s Boundless Playground (photo credit: GKTW)
Photo credit: GKTW
Another not so popular attraction is Bob’s Sparkleberry Nature Trail. It’s by Brooke’s Surf Shack (the pool) so I’m sure it tends to get glossed over. It has a small deck for fishing which is handicap accessible and a beautifully decorated wall. The actual trail is not long at all but it was covered by trees which was good for a stroller walk to get the baby to take a nap. My mom, who is deathly afraid of snakes, was not such a fan of the nature trail though. We didn’t see any snakes but in Florida there could definitely be snakes lurking.


Nature Trail
View from fishing dock
Brooke’s Surf Shack is an awesome pool and water play area. There’s a surfboard that is set up so if you put your camera in the right spot it looks like you’re riding a wave! There’s a fun splash area and a huge pirate ship where they host events during the week. The pool has a beach style opening and waterproof wheelchairs so everyone can join the fun. Liam was able to enjoy the pool earlier in the week with his mom but when we tried to go it was raining so the pool was closed, sadly. There is also a second smaller pool on the other side of the village. It doesn’t have as much stuff but it’s good for people who don’t want to travel too far from their villa.


Entrance to the main pool
Photo credit: GKTW
It’s hard to believe but this still isn’t all the village had to offer. I tried to touch on the best parts of the village but even if I covered every square inch of the property, it wouldn’t do it justice. With their daily events, daily gifts, special occasions, and countless volunteers and sponsors, GKTW has so much to offer for families. I’m so happy to have been able to experience the magic first hand and to share these memories with my stepson. 

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