Give Kids the World Village Part 1

Give Kids the World Village Part 1

AStaying at Give Kids the World Village was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is unfortunate that a place like GKTW has to exist but the truth of the matter is that there are sick kids and GKTW helps these kids and their families forget about their problems, even if for just a week. The volunteers and staff, also known as Angels, do so much for the families that come to stay with them and the village offers so much, I could go on and on about what an amazing place GKTW is. Earlier this week I made a post raving about the amazing villa we stayed at but this post will focus on the village.

Photo credit: GKTW
Photo credit: GKTW

The food is free and delicious! There was some construction going on at GKTW so the Gingerbread House restaurant wasn’t open but instead we ate at the Town Hall. There was a waffle station for breakfast as well as a buffet with breakfast favorites and a fruit salad bar. They even have huge bags of snacks for the taking! We took a huge bag of animal crackers with us and it helped when the kids got hungry/bored in lineat Disney. Lunch and dinner were equally as good and we definitely took advantage of the free delivery directly to our villa a few times. The hardest part about leaving GKTW was having to cook again! And don’t even get me started on the ice cream. Let’s just say we had ice cream for breakfast once…or twice while at the Village. I mean, they wouldn’t open the ice cream shop up at 7:30 am if they didn’t want us to have it.

Town Hall
Ice Cream Parlor

The village is huge and there’s so much to do! Most of the activities are in one area but if your villa is not nearby there’s a train that is handicap accessible that operates most of the time and happily picks everyone up.

Train ride

Once in the main area there’s a play area called Amberville. This place offers a lot of the fun things to do at the village.


There’s a huge model train track in there and a real train outside, an arcade with two huge iPads with all the fun apps that kids love, a pool table and ping pong table. You can play mini golf in Amberville through Marc’s DinoPutt course. My personal favorite part of Amberville though were the boats. The boats are outside but inside are steering wheels where you can control your own pirate ship! We had a blast playing on those things.

Model Train Track
Play area
Boats from the outside and indoor control area
The Castle of Miracles was a whole other world. Outside of the Castle there was a carousel separated from the sidewalk by a moat! By the backend there is the Star Tower. All the children staying at GKTW get to decorate a star which gets hung up in the Star Tower or in the Castle of Miracles. Here is where Liam met Squidward one day. There’s a big area with two thrones, coloring, the pillow tree, a small slide, and some other fun things.

Castle of Miracles Carousel
Star Tower/Back entrance to the Castle of Miracles
Inside the Star Tower
More stars inside the Castle of Miracles
Pillow Tree
The pillow tree is just a short interactive movie and at the end the tree spits out pillows for the wish child and their siblings. It’s super cute and Liam loved it. 

There is just so much at GKTW that if I tried to put it into one post I’d either not give every part of the village the attention it deserves or have a post that’s way too long! Check in soon for part 2 of my GKTW write up.  The next installment will include the pool area, the jungle safari theater, horseback riding, nature trail, and the playground.

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