Give Kids the World Villa

Give Kids the World Villa

This past week I was given the amazing opportunity to join my stepson on his Dreams Come True trip to Disney World and part of that deal involves staying at this entirely free village for families on their own Make-a-Wish trips called Give Kids the World. This place was truly spectacular. Everything about GKTW was perfect. Everyone was so nice and sweet to us. So many local volunteers of all ages there around the clock ready and willing to do anything and everything we could ever need. There was so much to do at the village. I’ve never felt more at home while on a vacation.

This write up focuses on just the villa where we stayed.  I mean it when I say I never felt more at home. This villa was beyond my wildest dreams! I loved staying here. Each Villa is connected to one other one. They’re set up like townhouses. They each have their own drive way and porch area in the front with rocking chairs. They are all different and fun colors, it’s like a neighborhood from a Dr Seuss story book.     Another picture of some more different villas.   Once you walk in there’s the dinning area and kitchen. It comes equipped with a coffee maker, blender, dishwasher and detergent, fridge, stove, sink, and pantry. The kitchen has everything you’d need and more. Every day they come to the villa and drop off a present, you can see the Santa Hats in the picture which were the present that day because Santa was coming to the GKTW Village that night. The living room is a great size and has a TV/DVD player. With the bar stools, couch, chair, and the dinning room chairs, there’s plenty of seating no matter how many people are in your group. The couch also turns into a bed. In the hallway there’s a laundry closet with laundry detergent provided.    The kid’s room has two twin beds and a roll away bed in the closet. Perfect for all the kids to fit into one room, unless of course you have more than 3 kids. There’s a counter behind the two beds to put stuff on and there’s also a dresser in the room.    The kid’s bathroom is huge! There’s a huge open shower which is handicap accessible, two sinks (one is lower than the other), and a big bathtub. They go all out for the kid’s area, rightfully so.  The other bathroom just has a shower but it’s also very nice. The master bedroom has a king size bed and a crib in the closet. The master bedroom also has a dresser and a TV.

They also deliver food right to your villa! We had chicken sandwiches (Boston Market), pizza (Papa Johns), and cans of soda delivered our first day at GKTW. It arrived at our villa in less than 20 minutes! The train picks you up whenever you want if you call for it. There’s presents delivered daily. This place is just beyond your wildest dreams. I am so blessed to have been able to experience this place and I’m just so grateful that a place like this exists. Give Kids the World is such an amazing place to so many families. Over 100,000 families from the entire United States and several countries around the world!

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