What’s for Dessert?

What’s for Dessert?

Sweet twist on crescent rolls
A couple nights ago after Joseph fell asleep I really wanted something sweet. Currently, our kitchen is being remodeled. So that means that baking a cake or cookies like I would have loved is out of the question. I’m mostly using a microwave and toaster oven for any cooking and baking, which makes things a little more challenging. However, after looking through my refrigerator and pantry I found some crescent rolls and cookie butter and that’s when a light went off and I came up with this easy but yummy recipe.


Normally we use Pillsbury crescent rolls, however I had these on hand since they were new and they are amazing! I liked how nice and soft they are, yet also flaky on the outside. I enjoyed that the butter to pastry was even and there wasn’t too much butter making it greasy. We will definitely have these again. 
This stuff is heaven! If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, you can use Bicoff, most grocery stores sell it.

All I did was spread some of the cookie butter on each crescent roll, rolled them up, and baked them according to the package instructions. For half of them I chose to add some chocolate chips as well. Those were very good as well, but personally the ones with only cookie butter really hit the spot.

The finished product right out of the (toaster) oven!

These were a super simple, delicious late night snack for me, but they can really be enjoyed anytime!


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